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Page 39: Inside 2hermes

Page 39

Left hand half deals with email routing changes.
Right hand half is for uploading saved email.

Most of the forwarding changes are done by a daemon
which runs on the Hermes admin box.
This is necessary because of security restrictions in access to
Jackdaw's cammail service and the Hermes Sieve management interface
and for access to old Hermes .forward files.
The daemon chats in a friendly manner, albeit over SSL (to protect passwords),
so it could easily be used by software other than 2hermes.
The vertical bars in the forwarding fix-up part of the 2hermes
output indicate which part is run remotely on Hermes.

Most of the work of uploading mailboxes is done by the imapupload
program. 2hermes locates the mailboxes that should be uploaded, and
imapupload does any renaming that is necessary and then performs
the upload. It uses c-client and OpenSSL to do the hard work.
There are more options to imapupload than 2hermes exposes.

Source code can be found on CUS in /opt/2hermes/src
and you can email mail-support@ucs.cam.ac.uk with questions.

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