UKUUG LISA Winter Conference 2004

Scaling up Cambridge University's email service

I presented a paper at the UKUUG LISA Winter Conference 2004 on the topic of our new message store.

You can read the paper in PostScript format or PDF format or bad HTML (groff isn't very good at producing HTML). You can also read the source (fig.1 fig.2 fig.3 fig.4 fig.5). There are some errata in the version of the paper published in the conference proceedings; these are detailed here: PostScript; PDF; HTML; source.

You can see the slides from my presentation and the source code and notes. The talk includes lots of pictures: ambassador, bugs, crybaby, cyrus, enterprise, ferrari, goal, hermes-new, hermes-new2, hermes-old, imac, lazy, old-possum, pop, robin, storage, wildebeest, wing-study.

All this stuff is put together with a Makefile and some Perl.

Tony Finch <>

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